Post Thumbnail Extras

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  • Provides a shortcode for embedding post-thumbnails. Authors can quickly change
    pictures in posts without wading through HTML. This can be awesome in several
    ways: if your post-thumbnails change their width or height due to a theme
    change, or if you have cropped them with another tool (you know, maybe a
    certain editor) – this will always pull wordpress’ latest
  • Includes a hook into the media library to create the above shortcode.
  • Add new post thumbnails via Wordpress Settings → Media.



Download Post Thumbnail Extras and unzip it to your wp-content/plugins
directory. Alternately, use Wordpress’ plugin updater to automatically install
the stable version.

Download Stable Download Development View @ Wordpress Plugins



Use the shortcode [pt] in your posts to quickly embed the featured image as a
thumbnail. Use the attribute 'size' to change to a different post-thumbnail
size (e.g. [pt size='medium']). You can also use any image in your media
gallery if you know the id, by using the id attribute ([pt id='100']).

Use the link attribute to wrap the image in a link.

  • link='file' will create a link to the full size image.
  • link='post' will create a link to the attachment page.
  • link='http...' creates a link to any URL.

Use the media library to quickly add this shortcode for the selected image by
pressing the “Insert shortcode” button.

Insert shortcode

Add/Delete Post Thumbnails

  1. In Settings → Media, click the plus sign to add a new post thumbnail.

    Add post thumbnail

  2. Update the width/height and whether or not the post-thumbnail should be
    cropped to an exact size. (If the width or height is set to 0, that boundary
    constraint is not enforced – effectively, it’s infinite). Make sure you
    click the “save” button so that the changes are stored in the database.

    Manage post thumbnail


If you want to report an issue:

  1. Enable debugging in the options and try again.
  2. File a report on either the github or wordpress sites, making
    sure to include the following information:
    1. Browser version
    2. Wordpress version
    3. Post Thumbnail Extras version
    4. Detailed description of the problem, including the steps to reproduce


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